Preparations for Kurdish conference intensify


ANF – Hewler/Erbil 10.05.2013 – Koma Civakên Kurdistan (KCK, Kurdish Communities Union) is continuing its talks with Kurdish parties in Federal Kurdistan Region in the scope of preparations for the Kurdish National Conference.

The KCK meetings with parties and organizations in Federal Kurdistan Region mainly focus on the organization of a Kurdish national conference and normalization of the relation between the sides involved. The meetings of KCK, open to the general public, are taking place following the historic call Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan made on 21 March, the truce KCK called afterwards and the withdrawal of Kurdish guerrillas from Turkish borders as of 8 May. KCK held a meeting with the main opposition party Goran Movement in Sulaimaniyah on Friday following a meeting with  Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (YNK)  in Sulaimaniyah on 5 May.

The meeting with YNK was attended by KCK Executive Council member Sabri Ok, KCK foreign affairs executive Ahmed Deniz, YNK General Secretary Berhem Salih, politburo members Kadir Heme Can, Çeto Hiwezi and Mahmud Haci Sali as well as KNK (Kurdistan National Congress) member Mihemed Pencwini. The meeting handled the general situation of Kurds, the national conference and the recent developments in Turkey.

The KCK meeting with Goran Movement on 9 May was attended by  KCK Executive Council members Sozdar Avesta and Zeki Şengali, KCK Committee of Foreign Affairs member Ferhan Amara on KCK’s side and President Newşîrwan Mistefa as well as a number of high-senior executives on Goran Movement’s side.

Speaking to DIHA about the meeting with Goran Movement, Ferhan Amara said that at the meeting they had handled the Kurdish National Conference and the ongoing peace talks in Turkey. Amara said that both sides had agreed on the creation of a “drafting commission” for the conference. According to Amara, Goran Movement also considers the conference necessary, however thinking that it should serve for Kurds and Kurdistan rather than some certain circles and individuals. Amara said Goran Movement also supported the “resolution process” currently going on in Turkey. Amara stated that KCK has also met with the Socialists, Hizbi Ayende and Partiye Peşveru from Rojava since the meeting with YNK last Sunday. He added that they were also planning to hold meetings with all Kurdish parties in Rojava and  Rojhılat.