Preparation for 25 years anniversary of chemical attack , Halabja.


December 22, 2012 , Halabja City Iraq – As a part for preparation for the 25th anniversary of chemical bombardment of Halabja in 1988 which 5000 people died and thousands were injured and displaced . Today Radio Dangi New for women and youth in Halabja announced a new initiative for doing a questionnaire about the life of Halabja people today , the services which they get from KRG , demand of people especially the question which is related to the way which government and non government organization and the ways they are dealing with remembering this tragedy and recognizing it as international crime against humanity and assisting people in their daily life’s .

For this reason today December22,a press conference was organized for announcing the starting of the project , and explaining the stages and process of questionnaires and about 8 Satellite TV attended  . In the next 2 months 5000 citizen of Halabja will be questioned  with 4 page questionnaires  which is prepared for this reason , this number is a symbol of the 5000 martyr who died from poison attack in 16 March 1988 .  A team of youngster volunteer who are all survivor of chemical attack are participating in this project , Early March the results will be send out to public, KRG government and parliament.

Dangi New is the first community Radio for women and youth in Iraq ,

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