Preliminary results of Nineveh provincial council elections

23.6.2013 – PNA-According to the Preliminary results of provincial Council elections, the Kurdistan Alliances “brotherhood and coexistence “received 35% votes in Nineveh province revealed on Saturday.

A media source in the Iraqi Parliament told that the Motahedon List headed by Mr. Osama Najafi earned 40 percent of the vote and the list of Kurdish Alliance, “brotherhood and coexistence “ has beenearned second seats with 35 percent of the vote. He added that the early voting results from Commission, Probably Kurdish will take 12 or 13 seats in the Nineveh Governorate Council and Motahedon List will take 16 seats. The 12 winners of KDP are : SedoChetoHissou, Khader al-Yas, Sedo Hassan, BarakatShamo, Tahseen Hussein Abdel Qader Abdullah, Ruqaiya Mohamed Saleh, Bashar Hamid, Kolstan Hassan Ali, Nariman Mustafa Khalil Shamo and Sefi al-Yas “, He added . –   See more at: