POSTAGE & LETTERS : Deadlock of resolution process solved: Karayilan

18.7.2013 – Kurdpress – The peace process between Turkey government and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is no longer in deadlock since the PKK military headquarters in the Qandil Mountains received a letter from its jailed leader, the organization’s newly-appointed land commander Murat Karayilan has said.

Karayilan, who was appointed leader of the PKK’s armed wing, the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) after handing over the leadership of the organization to Cemil Bayık and Bese Hozat, warned last week that the peace process might face a blockage if Turkey failed to make a step. He later yesterday announced the deadlock has been removed and the processes of the peace talks will be continued after PKK received a letter from its jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan, Hurriyet daily said.

“[Ocalan] has written a letter to the state and another to our movement regarding what has to be done during the second phase. He told the delegation which had visited him that ‘if this letter is not delivered, it would mean that [the government] does not want to make a step.’ And the letter was not delivered in the meantime. It was delivered later on,” Karayilan said, in a statement to militants in Turkey and Northern Iraq via radiotelephone, PKK-affiliated Firat news agency reported.

“If the letter had not been given, there would have been a deadlock as a result,” Karayilan said.  A letter from Ocalan arrived in Qandil after being delivered by Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) deputy parliamentary group head Pervin Buldan on July 9. A delegation comprising BDP co-chair Gultan Kisanak and independent Kurdish deputy Ahmet Turk went to Qandil as planned before Buldan, but couldn’t deliver the letter reportedly due to “bureaucratic problems.”