Plans to block borders of Eastern Kurdistan

Rojhelat – 3.12.2012 –  In a visit to Kurdistan the assistant coordinator of Iranian Border Guard announced a plan to block the borders. While Kurdish civilians are daily killed by the Iranian armed forces, he claimed that the local people have had constructive cooperation with the border guards.

By denying the systematic killing of Kurdish civilians, the Iranian authorities are trying to hide the crimes committed by the border guards. Saiyed Abbas Attaiy said in a press conference held on 30 November that his purpose to visit Sine province was to advance plans in guarding the borders for security reasons.

The construction of turrets, garrisons and barbwires, which are practically made for putting more pressure on the Kurdish people, as constructive plans, he said adding that, meaningful cooperation of people in border areas with the border guards has provided them with shelter and security. Saied Abbas Attay`s intention from the shelter for the people is the areas where tens of people are annually killed just for dealing and carrying small amount of goods selling them in black market or if they get arrested they would be sentenced to long-term imprisonment or huge fines. In contrary to what the assistant coordinator of Iranian Border Guards called constructive plans including border posts, turrets, and barbwire, are a clear threat to the people of Kurdistan, especially for the people living in border areas.The sealing of borders would impede Kurds from having social and cultural contacts with their brethren in the other parts of Kurdistan and is a grave violation of human rights. Also, it would aggravate the living conditions of villagers in border areas.