SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ) : Iraqi Kurdistan offers to receive the closed Turkey’s Kurdish ROJ TV satellite channels  – 13.7.2013 – ERBIL-Hewlêr,  The director of media and publications at the Ministry of Culture of Kurdistan Region, Halgurd Abdul Wahab  (Ministry of Culture in Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)), announced Erbil’s readiness to host the three headquarters of the Kurdish TV satellite channels from Turkey’s Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which were closed by the Danish government recently.

“The ministry is ready to give opportunities to Kurdish channels , in particular channels that have been closed in Denmark to broadcast their programs from Kurdistan Region,” The general director of media and publications at the Ministry of Culture of Kurdistan Region, Halgurd Abdul Wahab said in a statement. Abdul Wahab stressed that “KRG will provide necessary security protection to broadcast their programs freely as the rest of satellite channels and media offices of the international and other Arab media”. The newspaper said that “after a decision by the Court of Danish to close several satellite channels believed to be affiliated to PKK and prevented them from broadcasting from inside the Danish territory, as the Ministry of Culture in KRG offered has offered the owners of those channels to come to Kurdistan Region and re-broadcast from there”.

The newspaper quoted a ministry official as saying that “Kurdistan is open to all media to broadcast from it but by legal requirements and obtain formal authorization”.  “The Turkish government has been consistently pushing for the past ten years the Belgian and Danish authorities to close the satellite channels that are believed to be affiliated to the PKK and broadcasts against the Turkish authority”. “ Turkish government succeeded earlier from the closure of the first Kurdish station belonging to that party as MEDTV that broadcasts from Belgium, shortly before also succeeded by pressuring the Danish authorities to close three other Kurdish channels a ROJ TV, NUCETV andMMC that also broadcasts from there,” the newspaper said. The Danish government issued earlier this month, a decision to close the “Roje TV” , “MM TV” and “Nuga TV” channels and fined them about two million Euros.

The mentioned channels promote for the PKK, which is fighting Ankara’s government since three decades as war left nearly 40 people dead on both sides.