PKK supporters set fire on Kurdish Islamic party headquarter

24.9.2013 – Kurdpress – A group of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) masked supporters set fire on the headquarters of the Kurdish Islamic party of Free Demand in Silupi, a city in southeastern province of Sirnak.

The attempt along with the attack of some PKK-supporters to a group of Islamists in Cezire, another city in the province, has worried people of new clashes between the two sides.

Scuffle and mayhem between the two groups a few months ago made Diyarbakir Dicle University to close off the classes for three days.

Kurdish Islamist leaders and officials from other parties warned about the events.Saadat Party leader Fathullah Arbas called the events dangerous and Kurdish political and religious activist Sedqi Zilan said the claim that Kurdish Islamist groups back extremist Syria group of Jabhat al-Nusra and asked the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party, known as PKK civil branch, to call for calmness.  A official of the other pro-Kurdish line, the Destitute Movement, Camil Cahid said the event and skirmish would not benefit the two sides but a third line or what he called “the enemy of the Kurds.”