AFP – REUTERS – MESOP  – 12.1.2013 –   The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has declared that  France would be held responsible if it failed to get to the bottom of what it called the “premeditated and organized” killing of three Kurdish activists, Reuters reported.

“The targeting of three of our female comrades at a time like this is a premeditated, planned and organized attack,” said a statement on the website of the armed wing of the PKK. “France has a responsibility to elucidate these killings immediately. Otherwise, they will be held responsible for the massacre of our comrades.”

Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) Executive Committee has released a statement on the killing of three Kurdish activists in Paris on Wednesday, ANF news agency reported.

“The perpetrators of this brutal murder, which was professionally planned by international powers and the Turkish gladio, will never reach their vicious goals”, the statement said and underlined that the killings will not remain without response.  “Our three comrades, three honorable members of our free women’s movement, were deliberately chosen as a target. – said the statement – The Kurdish women movement of our party will never forget this bloody killing. These killings and provocations will never be able to suppress our freedom movement or our people. The statements and insults by the AKP authorities [who have said killings could be a result of a PKK feud] obviously aim to cover up the perpetrators of this brutal execution and to mislead the public opinion.”

The PKK noted that the French state and government have the responsibility for the disclosure of perpetrators and added “It is not possible for this bloody attack to be carried out in a central place like this without the support of international intelligence services and states. This massacre is the last step of a policy aimed at criminalizing our movement.”

The PKK ended its statement by calling on all patriotic people of Kurdistan, their friends, Kurdish women, the youth of Kurdistan as well as all revolutionary, democrat and socialist circles to enhance the struggle for democracy and freedom in response to the brutal killings of three Kurdish activists.