PKK says Baghdad’s positions do not concern us

Ninanews 12.5.2013 – : PKK confirmed that he does not care about the Iraqi government’s position on the withdrawal of members of the party into Iraqi territory, stressing that PKK is continuing to achieve success for the peace process in Turkey.

Iraq on May 9, rejected a key element of an accord to bring an end to a long Kurdish uprising in Turkey — offering refuge to rebel fighters in Kurdistan region in Iraq’s north. The spokesman of the party’s leadership, Ahmed Deniz made it clear, in a press statement that “elements of the party are located within the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan since 1984, and the Iraqi government’s stand does not matter, and we will continue until the success of the peace process in Turkey.”

He stressed that his party had taken a decision to enter the peace process to stop bloodshed and to end the bloody conflict that has killed tens of thousands of people of Turkey, adding that “the regional countries are assumed to support the peace process because it is in the interest of security and stability in the region.”

He pointed out that there is nothing to justify the fears of these countries on the peace process in Turkey, stressing that “the peace process is not aimed at anyone and will not proceed at the expense of any other party, so we expect these countries to provide support, not putting obstacles because we have taken our decision and we will not retreat. “

The Iraqi government has expressed its objection to this withdrawal of PKK’s fighters into Iraqi territory and considered it a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty.