PKK Might Withdraw By August, Demirtaş Says / “Turkish Flag OK!”


BIANET 23.3.2013 – Reminding that PKK leader Öcalan’s call to lay down arms is irreversible, Peace and Democracy Party Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş said at least two commissions would beneeded for the withdrawal. “It is a direct, definitive and irreversible call,” Peace and Democracy Party Co-ChairSelahattin Demirtaş said regarding PKK leader Öcalan’s call to lay down arms.

Demirtaş said PKK members might leave Turkey by August if the parliament passed legislation to facilitate the process. “Concerning the relocation of [PKK’s] military wing, two commissions must be formed. One must be official, other must be civilian. The 99 percent of Kurdish Armed struggle is over now. The rest depends on the [Turkish] government. Kurdish denial is over, the identity is achieved.”

“No problem with Turkish flag”

Reminding PM Erdoğan’s criticism on the lack of Turkish flag at Newroz celebrations in Diyarbakır, Demirtaş said they had no problem with the Turkish flag. “Turkish flag is the flag of everybody living in this country. But I don’t think imposing such a measure is good-intended. It represents a mentality imposed by racists to kneel people down on their knees. This is what Kurds find problematic. Other than that, we are not bother from the flag of Turkey at all.” – Demirtaş also said a forth delegation must set off for Imrali island to meet Öcalan.