(PKK / HPG) : Bahoz Erdal: Revolutionary operation overcame AKP’s plans

02 January 2013 – ANF – Guerrilla forces held the tactical and strategical superiority in 2012, said HPG Commander Erdal

Speaking to ANF about the war between Kurdish guerrilla movement and the Turkish military in 2012, People’s Defense Forces (HPG) Command Council Member Bahoz Erdal said that guerrilla forces held the tactical and strategical superiority in the year of 2012. Erdal underlined that the ‘revolutionary operation’ practiced by the Kurdish armed movement in the last year defeated AKP government’s destruction plans against Kurds.

Erdal first spoke about Roboski Massacre which he described as a planned and intentional killing. Erdal said that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Chief of General Staff and the Chief of air force were responsible for the massacre for they are the only authorities to allow warplanes for cross-border operations. “What needs to be done is to ensure the trial of perpetrators, not to demand the disclosure of their names”, he underlined.

Speaking about the ‘revolutionary operation’ started by Kurdish guerrilla forces last year, Erdal said that with this tactics guerrilla forces had not only defeated Erdoğan’s special army of operation teams and mercenary soldiers but also seized the territorial power in the Kurdish region and pushed soldiers into their posts.

Referring to Turkish state and media’s as well as AKP government’s efforts to cover up the ongoing war in the Kurdish territory, Erdal evaluated these efforts as a proof of Turkish state’s defeat in the fight against Kurdish movement.

Mentioning recently increasing racist attacks on Kurds in Turkey’s metropolitan and western cities, Erdal said that “It is time for Kurds in metropolitan cities to return to Kurdistan”. Erdal pointed out that the Kurdish guerrilla movement will continue to resist and respond to AKP government’s operations against guerrilla forces and the psychological war against people of Kurdistan.