PKK calls Kurds to enhance struggle in four parts of Kurdistan / NATIONAL CONGRESS IN ERBIL

9 October 2013 20:27 hawarnews – BEHDÎNAN- Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Executive Committee has released a statement condemning the international powers and regional and collaborative powers involved in the conspiracy that led to Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan being forced to leave Syria on 9 October 1998.

PKK said the international conspiracy was aimed at the elimination of the Kurdish liberation movement and the designing of the Middle East in favor of the capitalist modernity by leaving the Kurdish people without their leader. PKK pointed out that the conspiracy has however been defeated by the resistance and struggle that leader Apo (Öcalan) and the Kurdish movement and people have displayed so far.

PKK said that the Rojava revolution based on the new paradigm by Kurdish leader Öcalan, the Kurdish liberation movement’s revolutionary struggle against the exploitative Turkish state, the AKP government’s dialogue and negotiation process with the Kurdish leader, Kurdish national conferences in Amed, Ankara, Brussels and Hewler, were the major developments proving the defeat of the conspiracy by the Kurdish struggle.

Also criticizing the so-called “democratisation package” the AKP government has recently unveiled, PKK said the package was a manifestation of the government’s intention to eliminate the Kurdish people and their liberation movement by denying their basic rights.PKK underlined that the ruling AKP government’s cooperation with gang groups such as al-Nusra also revealed the fact that it intended to maintain the international conspiracy under a new mask.

Putting emphasis on its determination to ensure the liberation of Kurdistan and Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, PKK called on all powers in four parts of Kurdistan, the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party), the Goran (Change) Movement and the YNK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) in particular, to ensure that the National Congress become a strong ground paving the way for national unity and freedom. PKK ended its statement by calling on PKK fighters and supporters, Kurdish people in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad, and their friends to enhance the struggle under the slogan “Free Leader, Free Kurdistan” in response to the international conspiracy, to defend the Rojava revolution and to build democratic autonomy in Kurdistan in response to the AKP government’s policies aimed at legitimating its exploitative presence in Kurdistan.