PKK behind family dispute that killed four

Turkish media reported on Sunday that a dispute between two Diyarbakır families which claimed four lives last week was the result of PKK racketeering and not a territorial squabble, as was initially reported.

The PKK “fined” the Tokur family, residents of the southeastern province, TL 1 million, according to the media. After the family refused to pay, another family working for the PKK threatened the Tokurs, and the ensuing violence killed four, including a 6-month-old baby.

Counterterrorism units acquired detailed information on the incident.

Two members of the family representing the PKK gave the Tokurs one month to pay the “fine.” When the Tokurs refused, the other family threatened to kill two of their relatives. The PKK’s people then raided the house of the Tokur family and killed one. The two families crossed paths again on Aug. 21 at a market, and members of the Tokur family shot dead two members of the other family. When the exchange of gunfire continued in a nearby field where the Tokurs work, 6-month-old Nisanur Tokur also lost her life.