PKK backs none of Syria war sides: Murat Karayilan / A THIRD LINE STORY

29.5.2013 – Kurdpress / MESOP  – The chief of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leading council Murat Karayilan said the militant party will back neither the Syrian government nor the rebels in the country’s civil war.

Speaking with T25’s Hassan Cemal, Karayilan said the PKK forces will not back the two sides of the war adding that the PKK forces are following a third line and that’s the path of democracy and freedom. “Yes, there exists. Democratic Union Party (PYD) has more than 10 thousand military forces in the north of Syria. A small local parliament has been established to control the cities and villages,” Karayilan said in answering a Cemal’s question if a Kurdistan Region, like the one in the north of Iraq, has been established in the north of Syria.

A new political, organizational system has been established which is quite different from the way Kurdistan Region of Iraq is governed, he said. Denying the PKK will go to Syria or join its Iranian branch, The Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (Pejak), Karayilan said the PKK militant who pullout of Turkey based on a recent agreed accord, will go neither to Syria nor Iran.

They will not go to Kirkuk too, he said, denying recent Baghdad government claims that the pulled-out forces off PKK will go to Kirkuk to possibly fight against the military forces of Iraq. Karayilan along with Cemil Bayek, another PKK leading council chief, said they have more than 2000 forces in Turkey and a new training period will be held for them to understand the peace talks.