PJAK celebrates 34th anniversary of PKK’s establishment

MESOP 28.11.2012 –  In a written statement the coordination of Kurdistan Free Life party (PJAK) celebrates 34th anniversary of PKK’s establishment, while throwing lights on the current stage of Kurdish liberation movement.

In the statement PJAK observes; “The only revolutionary movement which managed to establish a concrete and stern philosophical-political trend upon which, and with a patriotic spirit, it promoted a democratic and Kurdistanian leap, was the PKK”.

“We celebrate the 34the anniversary of PKK’s establishment,” notes the statement, “while the urgency of this movement is increasingly manifesting itself.” Pointing to the pursued policies of Turkish state PJAK remarks in the statement; “Turkey’s approaches vis-a-vis the Kurdish issue for over 85 years based on Red Fascism, and its extension based on White Fascism adopted by AKP government, has left only one way open to the Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan, which is a sombre resistance founded on the ideological spectres of Leader Apo manifested in the framework of Kurdistan Workers Party.”

Addressing the impacts and influences of the PKK in other parts of Kurdistan, other than the North, the statement outlines; “The inception of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) marked a new beginning in the history of Kurdish struggle for freedom in East Kurdistan. It was a turning point in the ideological-political trend of this part of Kurdistan. This is a reality which has not only been confined to East Kurdistan, but holding true for South and West of Kurdistan also. Owing to this fact, holding this day up high and venerating it would not confine only to North Kurdistan and celebrated in all parts of Kurdistan.” PJAK coordination concludes it statement by adding; “On behalf of our party PJAK, we greet and celebrate the anniversary of PKK’s establishment to the whole Kurdish people, the families of the martyrs of the PKK in East Kurdistan as well as the Leader Apo.”