Picture of Kurdish Jihadist killed in Kirkuk Published

“Jihadists” bloggers comment on the picture saying ” a Lion in Kirkuk from Halabja city , Shakar Fayeq Hama Ameen accepted by God today.”

“Shafaq News “couldn’t be sure from the accuracy of the information. According to unconfirmed information, Kirkuk events may stand carried out by Ansar al- Islam organization.

Other bloggers said that Kirkuk bombers are “an Egyptian, a Syrian, an Iraqi, a Kurdish and Jazrawi men, the security authorities did not announce any details immediately.

Extremists bloggers said that what happened in Kirkuk yesterday and gunmen holed up in ” Jawaher Mall ” is similar to what happened in Kenya a few days ago .

The file of Kurdish jihadists is considered as controversial in Kurdistan Region .

The Directorate of Sulaymaniyah Security ” Asaish ” announced recently that their information refers the enrollment of 63 young residents of Kurdistan Region to the ranks of al-Qaeda -linked groups to fight the forces of the Syrian regime .

Since the intensification of the civil war in Syria, reports talked about enrollment of young Kurdish people from Kurdistan Region in Nusrah Front and State of Iraq and al-Sham organization linked to al Qaeda to fight the Syrian government.

Last month, a family had conducted a funeral to their son in Khurmal sub-district of Halabja, who died in Syria during fighting in Nusrah front ranks associated with al-Qaeda.

Bringing the death toll of young Kurds from Kurdistan Region to eight, seven of them were from Halabja and another one from Kifri district, which reveals the size of the worsening sectarian polarization in the region .

These developments come after about a week of Kurdistan Regional Government’s decision to form a committee to address the involvement of its citizens in the Syrian war.

The Ministry of Endowment in Kurdistan region has ordered imams and preachers in the region, calling them to advise young people not to go to any place under the name of “jihad”.


Picture from Livin: http://www.lvinpress.com/newdesign/Dreje.aspx?jimare=22008
Sites associated with armed groups published on Thursday a picture of a Kurdish person from Halabja town in Sulaimaniyah one of those who carried out suicide bombings in Kirkuk yesterday.