Peshmarga ready to assist Syria Kurds: deputy

6.8.2013 – Kurdpress – Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) defense ministry of Peshmarga is ready to aid the Syrian Kurds against Islamic extremist groups, a ministry’s deputy told Radio Nawa.

Anwar Haji Osman said the Kurdish forces of Peshmarga are ready to help Syrian Kurds against Islamic groups including Jabhat al- Nusra. He said Peshmarga will follow orders of the regions officials and Kurdish leaders to conduct any operation. 8 battalions of land forces are stationed in Kurdistan Region’s border with Syria but we have received no order to deploy them to help Syrian Kurds, he went on to say. The Kurdish official’s comments coincides the intensifying of clashes between People’s Defense Units (YPG), the military branch of Syrian Pro- Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), and al- Nusra and Sham and Iraq Islamic Government, another extremist group fighting against the Kurds in the region.