People’s Protection Units YPG

Statement issued by the Information Office of People’s Protection Units YPG:

16.9.2013 – The brutal attacks of al Qaeda affiliated armed gangs and mercenaries of Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham ISIS, al Nusra and Free Syrian Army FSA battalions against Kurdish cities are a strategic plan designed to separate the Kurdish areas from each other, displacing the civilian population with tactics of terrorism.

The Kurdish districts in Aleppo are attacked by the armed Salafi gangs of FSA with tanks and heavy weapons indiscriminately against civilians in order to forcibly displace the population and occupy the territory. These intense attacks are still continuing against our districts and are being defended by our units who will not let them enter.

In the city of SereKaniye, the armed gangs attacked the city from 5 different sides, Til Halaf, Mushrafa, Chafa, Nadaf and Alok in a strategic planned attack to put military pressure on the city and seperate it from other Kurdish cities. People’s Protection Units, YPG repelled their attacks and forced them to retreat and flee on most fronts inflicting dozens of fatalities and injured fighters. Clashes are continuing on the side of village of Alok while the armed gangs continue to shell the city. 7 of our soldiers lost their lives after long resistance against the invaders.

In the city of Kobane, People’s Protection Units, YPG forces launched a military offensive as part of our revolutionary campaign of martyr Dilovan and in revenge for the martyrs of Aleppo and Raqqa on the headquarters of the armed gangs in village of Soski (east of Kobane) and liberated the village completely.

More than 60 fighters of those armed gangs were killed and 2 were captured alive. Our units have seized 45 different weapns including 2 DShK machine guns, 35 AK-47s and 3 RPG. Also vehicles were seized as well.

1 YPG soldier lost his life in this operation.

We, People’s Protection Units, YPG, declare that we will continue in our path to defend Western Kurdistan and all of its components with full strength and determination. We call on the Kurdish National Council, KNC, who joined the Syrian Coalition who support these attacks against Kurdish areas to openly declare if it too supports this war against the Kurdish people or not.

Information Office of People’s Protection Units YPG. 2013-09-15