Peace conference to be held in Diyarbakir at Ocalan’s request

Turkey Kurds’ peace conference is due to be held in the southeastern province of Diyarbakir, at the request of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Pro- Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) and Democratic Congress Society (DTK) announced the last preparations for holding a political conference has been conducted and the conference will be held in Diyarbakir, ilkehaber said in a report. “The conference will be held at the creative request of Ocalan to unite Kurdish parties and pave the peace process,” DTK co- leader Ahmet Turk stated, adding that they have dubbed the conference unity and resolution conference in northern Kurdistan. The conference is planned for June 15 and 16, where 12 political and cultural lines, most of them affiliated with PKK, will attend. Freedom and Right Party, a leftist Kurdish Party and pro- Islamist Free Demand (Hur Dawa Partisi) would not attend in the conference.