Participant in assassination of Iraqi president’s chief bodyguard killed – 21.11.2013 – SLÊMANÎ:   Sulaimaniyah Security police (Asayish), announced on Thursday that one of the accused in the assassination of a senior guard of President, Jalal Talabani was killed after clashes with troops that resulted in the death of a security element.

Police said in a statement after “investigating the cause of the death of colonel, Sarwat Hama Rashid, it was discovered that one of those involved in the assassination is a resident of Slêmanî [Sulaimaniyah] city symbolized to his name as “J,A”.The statement added that the directorate obtained the court orders to arrest him as Asayish and police went to arrest the accused, but the latter did not give himself up and responded to them with a firearm.

The statement added that the clashes resulted in the death of one of the elements of Asayish named Luqman Hama Rashid Ali, pointing out that the force was able to kill the accused after these confrontations.A number of armed men entered on 19 of October, the house of the official guards of President Jalal Talabani, Sarwat Hama Rashid in Ibrahim Ahmed neighborhood in central Sulaimaniyah in order to steal but confrontation between him and the attackers took place and resulted in his death after suffering from two shots in the head then attackers fled away, according to security reports.

It is worth mentioning that Sarwat Hama Rashid works as responsible for the protections of Iraqi President, Jalal Talabani since 1994.According to reports, Sarwat had recently returned to the Kurdistan region from Germany, where Talabani has been recovering from a stroke. On the day of his murder, Sarwat was due to fly back to Germany.