Paris Prosecutor Makes First Statement on Paris Murders

BIANET  22.1.2013 – François Molins, the prosecutor in charge of 3 slain Kurdish women case, said they strongly believed the murder suspect – who was detained over the weekend – could be one of the perpetrators. He added that the suspect’s detention has been prolonged indefinitely. The prosecutor also said he filed an arrest warrant of the suspect to the court.

“The suspect’s narration of the incident encompassed several contradictions. We also detected that he was the last person to meet Sakine Cansız, one of the victims,” the prosecutor said. The Associated Press disclosed the suspect’s name as Ömer Güney (30) of Turkish origin who was a PKK member since 2011. AP also claimed that the prosecutor found “serious and precise” evidence to support his claim. “The investigation team found traces of gunpowder in bag located in suspect’s car. Police suspects that the bag might have been used to carry the gun,” AP reported.

According to L’Express, the DNA samples taken from the gun shells did not fit with suspect’s.

The gun conundrum

Major news agencies reported different allegations on whether the murder weapons were found by the police. “The police estimates that only one weapon was used in the murders even though no weapons were found,” reported AP and Reuters. “Prosecutor Mollins disclosed the murder weapons as a semi-automatic 7,65mm calibrated pistol that shot 10 bullets on Fidan Doğan (4), Sakine Cansız (3), Leyla Söylemez (3),” Turkey’s semi official Anatolian News Agency said. “Prosecutor Mollins said the victims were each shot dead with 3 bullets in the head with no sign of life struggle. No evidence supports theft in the building. A total of 10 bullet shells were found in the crime scene. Police estimates that a 7.65 calibrated pistol was used in the murders even though it was yet to be found. No information on whether the pistol was automatic or silenced with equipment,” Firat News Agecy reported. (ÇT)