Overview of tensions between KDP-funded political union and PYD/PKK through summaries of pro-PYD websites.

1.4.2013 – Transnational Middle East ObserverHawar news [pro-PYD] fiercely criticizes Abdulhakim Bashar, head of political union accusing him of selling Kurdistan in a deal with regional countries. The article confirms tensions between political union between PYD and union on 16 March in Jenderes in front of Asayish centre during Halabja memorial (see also this report accusing pro-KDP parties attacking PYD Asayish), 19 March during Newroz in Derik (see this), and recently an issue over electricity in Amude on 27 March (see accusations here of political union shooting at PYD Asayish).

The article accuses the union which is funded by KDP to organize provocative demonstrations and calling for armed groups to enter the region. Moreover, claims the KDP-S head had links with Syrian Baath-regime [Bashar always accuses PYD/PKK of working with Baath-regime]. On 27 march, Hawar news accused an unspecified group of attacking pro-PYD medical centres (red crescent). See also accusation of attacking health centres here. Another article accuses political union of attacking even mentally ill. PYD accuses rival parties of spreading lies/rumours they are forcing people to pay money for attending Newroz in Kobani. On 14 March, pro-PYD youth group condemned treason against YPG in demonstration in Derik claiming Azadi party/Mustafa Cummaa handed over 2 YPG fighters to Turkish intelligence in Efrin. Other article accuses political union of organizing protest in favour of FSA in Girge Lege on 15 March. On 25 March, Hawar news accused KRG of preventing Kurdish youth from going to youth conference in Ramalan [which was dominated by PYD after boycott by KDP-S youth and others.

Courtesy : Transnational Middle East Observer