Overview Events Syrian Kurds

Welati claims fear in Amude for repeat of tensions and could lead to ‘mass exodus to Turkey or Kurdistan region’. Local KNC from Amude demands removal of armed forces in Amude, compensation and return of ‘stolen goods’ of headquarters of the parties, punish those ‘responsible’ for the incident, apology, all decisions of KNC with PYD must be coordinated with local council in Amude, formation independent commission for inquiry. Rudaw reports about failure of KNC and People’s Council of West-Kurdistan to meet in Qamishli.

 Bas newspaper reports there is rapprochement between KDP and PKK. Pro-PYD Hawar news reports journalist organization in Qamishli (most likely pro-PYD org) condemns Rudaw, Orient Tv and Zagros for distorting events after some media claim journalist of GK TV Farhad(PUK) was beaten. Some claimed he was beaten by PYD, others by protestors or unknown armed group. TEV-DEM (PYD) claims Amude incident was plot against Kurds and related to Kurdish participation in Geneva II. PYD supporters being threathened in Amude. Meeting in Efrin between YPG and KNC. Alawite Kurds being allegedly captured by Islamist groups in Efrin/Aleppo. Yekiti Media quotes Hoshang Osei who criticizes interrogation of Yekiti-member by PYD. Wonders why Asayish didn’t ask him about drugs. Yekiti media reports meetings between PYD/PCWK with KNC failed over disagreements, but meetings will continue. KNC wants unconditional release of activists. Welati on failure to form KDP backed Political Union. KRG statement on Amude. PYD blames Abdulhakim Bashar remarks on Geneva meeting

Posted 4.7.2013 by Wladimir van Wilgenburg