Our land is called Turkey Kurdistan: Osman Baydemir


“I want to tell you officially that our land is called Turkey Kurdistan and the phrase has to displace other phrases including southeast or Kurdish region,” the Mayor of Turkey Kurdish city of Diyarbakir Osman Baydemir told SNIK TV on Tuesday.

Baydemir’s remarks came in reaction to the use of Iraqi Kurdistan by Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

This is the first time that Erdogan used the phrase. He defended his action in a meeting of his party on Tuesday in AKP hall at the parliament and said even Turkey founder Mustafa Kemal has used the work Kurd and Kurdistan.

“We believe using Turkey Kurdistan in a democratic Turkey should not disturb any one,” Baydemir added.

As the photo shows Baydemir put Turkey and the Kurdistan flag next to each other at his responsibility during Kurdistan Region PresidentMassoud Barzani’s visit to Diyarbakir on Saturday