Opposition says ‘Nechirvan wants reforms’

24 Nov 2013 – Kurdistan Tribune – Following talks in Suli last week between Nechirvan Barzani and the opposition parties, there is news today that the prime minister of the outgoing Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) cabinet may return to the city next week for more negotiations.

It is two months since parliamentary elections were held in the region and still the shape of the next administration is unclear. However, officials from two opposition parties have been talking optimistically about the new government. Ali Bapir, leader of the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), told Asharq Al-Aswat: “The KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) appears to be serious about reforms, which are demanded by most political forces in the region, and Barzani had real desire to form a strong government”. A Gorran spokesman, who attended a meeting of Gorran leader Nawshirwan Mustafa with Nechirvan Barzani, told Livinpress: “The KDP this time do want reform in the new Kurdish government”.