Opposition puts President Barzani under pressure

Kurdistan Tribune – 13.4.2013 – President Barzani now promises an election. – In a reaction to the three opposition parties’ announcement on Wednesday, a spokesman for the President of Kurdistan has issued a statement claiming that Barzani did not ask for his presidency to be extended.

Dr Aumid Sabbah said: “The Opposition should appreciate the current situation of Kurdistan and the generosity of the president of Kurdistan in asking the commission for elections and that these elections shall be held on time … and the Opposition are a minority and cannot make any pressure and they should know their size and capacity”. Barzani’s announcement comes just days after a leading member of his Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) visited the Gorran leadership requesting their support for Barzani to stay in power without an election.

Surely this latest statement shows that the Opposition in general, and Gorran in particular, has created a big pressure on the two ruling parties and the president? Political observers and psychologists can see that the dedication of the three opposition parties is shaking the KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). They are currently in a strong position and this is why their voices can be heard. Two years ago, in January 2011, the Opposition enjoyed a similarly strong position and it was able to put huge pressure on the two ruling parties by calling for the dissolution of the government and parliament. According to the law, Barzani should stand down in July having completed two terms.