On The Ground Activities in Western Kurdistan: The Syrian crisis repercussions.

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12 people are killed and many injured among them Ronahi-tv correspondent and Firat news agency’s correspondent. – Aleppo- many shells landed in al-Ashrefiye district of Aleppo yesterday night led to the death of 9 people and injured another number among them 2 journalists.

The Syrian regimes’ artillery shelling on al-Ashrefiye district Thursday at 02:30 afternoon left 12 people dead among them 7 kurds and they are ‘ Shukri Mohammed Gorin from Dar Kiri of Efrin, Rodin Sheiko from Matine, Mustafa Sheikh Mustafa from Hajiki, Shiyar Habib Jemo, Subihi Sayedo Kuro, Khalil Mustafa Muhammed, Hassan Reshied Kolin from Arandeh, Rashied Ibrahim from Qerqelaq, Ahmed Kamal Akkash and he is Turkmenian, Ibrahim Cezibe Keyali, Rehef Zattari and Welid, whose surename could not be identified’

More than 15 people were injured including Ronahi-tv correspondent ‘Kendal Welat’ and Firat News Agency’s correspondent ‘Judi Ronahi’ the injured who we could get their names are ‘Mohammed Shaabo from Efrin, Subihi Kero, Ali Gunci, Azad Bekir Hac Khalil, Mohammed Khalo, Ahmed Fadil, Azad Sheik Issa, Hessen Kulin bin Reshid, Rodin Sheikri Sorko from Qitme, and Mustafa’

Yesterday morning, a group of the Free Syrian Army soldiers tried to take control of al-Ashirfiye and was confronted by People Protection Units after that the Free Syrian Army withdrawn without any clashes; hours before withdrawing many shells hit the district.

People Protection Units

We will spare no effort to find out the fate of Dorsin.

Derik- ‘we will whatever it takes and we will spare no effort to find out the fate of member of the politburo of al-Parti and the head of the local council of the Kurdish National council Bahzad Dorsin’ the one in charge of People Protection Units in Derik Said.

‘People Protection Units have mobilized their forces and patrolling heavily in the area in search for Dorsin in response to the Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria, al-Party (KDP).

‘There are those gangs of mercenaries who want to make chaos and destabilize the area and the aim of such deeds is to accuse the People Protection Units of it’ Mahmoud in charge of people protection units in Derik in a statement to Firat News Agency.

‘There some persons and websites spreading false news in order to undermine our people and spread discord, pointing out that our people should not pay attention to such false rumors, which their only aim is to widen the gap between the Kurdish political circles’ he added.

He called upon patriot kurds to cooperate and provide People Protection Units with any useful information to find out the fate of Dorsen.



Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM calls for a huge demonstration in al-Derbasiye.

The Democratic Society Movement and the local public council in al-Derbasiye called on patriotic Kurds to demonstrate Saturday at 13:00 in protest to the massacres committed in al-Ashrefiye district of Aleppo.

TEV-DEM Democratic Society Movement: is this your truce!

The executive board of the Democratic Society Movement of Western Kurdistan TEV-DEM issued a statement on recent events in the district of al-Ashrefiye stating that an armed group tried to enter al-Ashrefiye district and wanted to station itself but the people of the neighborhood mostly Kurds expelled the group so that the district will not be a target for war machine and destruction for both parts of the Syrian conflict. While the Syrian army fired many artillery shells killing 15 people and injuring 20 others committing another massacre against the Kurdish people.

‘the armed group calling itself ‘the Free Syrian Army’ fired bullets on unarmed people in order to force them to leave their houses and spread terror among the civilian citizens’ the statement added.

In response to the wish of people of aal-Ashrefiye and Sheikh Mawsuad, a delegation by the public council of Sheikh Al-Maqsuad took the initiative and discussed the situation with the armed groups which tried to enter the district in order to convince them to leave the neighborhood and to tell them that the people, both Kurds and Arabs, do not want to become victims for the current clashes between the armed groups and the Syrian Army’

‘The Kurdish people was surprised by the armed groups claiming taking control of, taking positions and liberation of al-Ashrefiya neighborhood in response the Kurdish people demonstrated peacefully to get those armed groups out of their neighborhood’ the statement pointed out.

The statement added that hundreds of people, Arabs and Kurds, were gathered to demonstrate heading towards al-Ashrefiye neighborhood to force those armed groups to leave the civilian residential areas but ‘the armed groups started to shoot at the unarmed demonstrators resulting in the killing and injuring a number of the Kurds’

‘We still call for putting an end for violence, killing, and massacres and finding peaceful and democratic solutions for the Syrian crisis’ the Democratic Society Movement confirmed. After the Syrian army and the armed groups announced the truce on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, we can see that both parties are paying no importance for those holy and blessed days trying directly and indirectly in different ways to undermine the Kurdish people’s well and in attempt to drag them into the war which is of no gain for anyone and to make them a victim for cheap bargains and leaving them exposed to massacres.

The Democratic Society Movement called upon the Kurdish people to ‘be cautious about and aware of vicious plans and tricks to drag them into a war of no gain and has destructive consequences and to gather around their organizations and establishments’. As we also call upon the Kurdish people everywhere in western Kurdistan ‘not to stand and watch those massacres and to support their brothers and sisters in Aleppo under the slogan ‘ is this your truce’ and to deliver a message to those parts in conflict that the kurish people is not alone and has a strong will which cannot be broken’

5 killed and ten injured in al-Ashrefiye neighborhood.

An attack by the opposition insurgents ‘the free Syrian army’ on a peaceful public demonstration of residents of al-Ashrefiye and Sheikh Maqsued demanding the withdrawal of the insurgents left 5 demonstrators dead and at least 10 others were injured by real ammunition while the People Protection Units responded to the fire sources.


Condemns and denounces the crime perpetrated by the Syrian regime in al-Ashrefiye in Aleppo. Qamishlo, the executive committee of the Democratic Union Party issued a statement to the general opinion condemning the massacre perpetrated by the Syrian regime forces in al-Ashrefiye in Aleppo resulting in 15 lives 9 of them were Kurds.

‘The country is witnessing a disastrous crisis for 19 months, very hard to find a way out, having disastrous consequences on the Syrian people losing their homes, livelihood resources and their dear children, relatives and friends, where revenge and retribution are its fuel to widen the gap between warring parties’ the statement stated

‘On the eve of the first day of Eid al-Adha the Kurdish people got sorrowful news saying that 15 citizens had lost their lives of which 9 were Kurds, and at least 15 others were wounded including Ronahi-tv correspondent and Firat News Agency’s correspondent’ the statement added.

‘the shelling of al-Ashrefiye neighborhood mostly Kurds comes in a time where the Syrian regime announced a cease-fire of the killing machine targeting civilians, shelling safe villages and cities by artillery armors in a war imposed upon the Syrian people costing them beloved ones and cutting off their livelihood’ the executive committee of the Democratic Union Party said.

The statement strongly condemned the shelling of the Kurdish neighborhood of al-Ashrefiye by the Syrian regime and stressing that depending on foreign powers ‘both by the Syrian regime and abroad-based opposition led to such a situation where nobody knows its consequences because it is not restricted to both warring parts anymore’.

‘That is why we are leading a political line relying on our people’s internal power and establishing for future where the word is for people and not for an authority monopolized and restricted to few people, for that reason, the democratic self-administration project is our choice to establish social self-relied system and which is the only option which has proven to be righteous and realistic for the revolution success and to reach freedom’ the statement added.

‘ we in the Democratic Union Party in harshest words the crime perpetrated against our people in al-Ashrefiye neighborhood, and we reiterate that our people is relying on a legacy of struggle and righteous philosophy and thought and will be able to protect itself and would be able to defend its values  in any situation as we offer our condolences for the victim families and whishing the injured a speedy recovery’

The Public Coucil of Genders distributes coking-gas

Efrin- after 17 days of gathering gas bottles by the Public Local Council of Genders from 25 villages to be filled up in Remilan gas establishment of Derik Hamko, the gas bottles have been returned after being filled  up to the district of Genders. The bottles were distributed by the Fuel Committee on local people.


The head of the Committee said ‘we got 1200 gas bottles from people and 110 battles were taken by the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian Army’s checkpoints on our way home’ adding that 1190 bottles have been distributed to 25 villages and center of the district.

The lorry driver Arif Aziz saying about the security situation ‘if we did not have protection forces, we would not have been able to return home’

People of the region expressed their happiness and thanks for the Fuel Committee, which delivered cocking gas to people from Remilan fields of Derik Hemko as they also thanked the People Protection Units for accompanying the gas bottles lorry.


Statement  To the public opinion

Human sacrifices are al-Eid sacrifices in Syria

Although the sanctity of this holy month and pilgrims standing on Arafah and making sacrifices for God to forgive them and that peace and prosperity would prevail their homelands, but the Eid evening’s rituals is colored by blood of human sacrifices and by taking lives of innocent peoples despite the initial announcement of a cease-fire sought by the UN envoy Brahimi to stop the killings during al-Eid days.

What is happening in our country Syria is the result of a brutal, totalitarian, suppressive and corrupted Baathist regime and resorting to weapons in tackling national issues, and its insistence to go on in killings and shelling residential areas which are fully condemned by us. As we also condemned those circles insisting on violence and which try to drag the Kurdish people into the disastrous war, we have expressed our peaceful position of the revolution and we do believe that victory would be through peaceful means of struggle, but bringing the war into Western Kurdistan or the Kurdish residential areas and targeting or people are unacceptable and condemned act and no one could stop us in our peaceful and legitimate struggle away from regional and international powers.

What is happening in Syria and what has happened recently in al-Ashrefiye of destruction and killing is condemned by our people and its council- People’s Council of Western Kurdistan- and those warring parts would not but gather us around our national values and would increase our insistence to demand our people’s rights and to establish a plural democratic Syria for all of its people.

We call upon our Kurdish people to gather around its political and field leadership and to resort means which would grant the security of its areas and would take the responsibilities in the legitimate right of self-defense. As we call upon the warring parts to commit to the Eid cease-fire and to stop the violence.

We ask mercy for victims and the injured would soon get recovered. Shame be on criminal killers

The presidency of the People’s Council in Western Kurdistan.