OFFICIAL STATEMENT : Syrian Coalition Denounces Russia’s Alleged Invitation

8.11.2013 – A source in the Syrian Coalition stressed that remarks made by Russia’s Deputy FM, Mikhail Bogdanov, about inviting what he called the “opposition” and representatives of the Assad regime to hold talks at the level of an informal preparation for Geneva 2 as “reinforcing the efforts of the Assad regime to present an opposition that they created in its own image; an opposition that never once defended the rights of the Syrian people, and which is composed of so called ‘opposition’ figures who either participated in the killing of Syrian people, or were members of  PM Halqi’s government, a government that Syria witnessed the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people while under it, or an opposition that includes personalities reconciled with the Assad regime.” 

The Syrian Coalition denounced Russia’s alleged invitation as Russia continues to support the Assad regime with weapons, continues to contribute to the killing of Syrian people, and continues working very hard to cover Assad’s crimes politically.” The Syrian Coalition added, ” the presence of any talks for a political solution, either in Geneva or elsewhere, on the level of formal or informal, must inevitably be built on the departure of Assad and the handover of power to the Syrian people.” Those statements came in response to statements made by Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov, in which he revealed that he had suggested to what he called ‘the opposition’, “holding informal Syrian-Syria talks in Moscow so that the various opposition forces can discuss the pressing issues and reach an agreement on resolving the problems faced by all of the Syrian people.”

The statements came also in response to the Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement claiming that “representatives of the Syrian opposition have expressed interest in conducting informal meetings in Moscow within the framework of preparations for the international Geneva II Conference on Syria.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)

Syria, Press Statement: Starvation; the Catastrophe Reaches Eastern Gouta in #Damascus Suburbs.

In continuation of the policy of besieging the rebellious areas as a systematic collective punishment, the regime forces closed, on 13-10-2013, all entrances to Eastern Gouta in Damascus Suburbs a day before “Eid Al-Adha” when the area has already been under a heavy almost complete siege for over a year, and experiencing very deteriorated human conditions especially in regard of the medical and relief matters as well as fuel and everyday essential needs.  Read more: