31.12.2012 To Our People and the General Public

Leaving the Gregorian 2012 completed with struggle behind and entering a new year, with sincere feelings, we would like to celebrate the new year of President Öcalan who offered us the light of free life, the patriotic-altruistic people of Kurdistan, all of humanity, our comrades resisting in the mountains, urban, dungeons and all the other aspects of the struggle. We hope 2013 will be the year of success, happiness, freedom, democracy and the brotherhood of peoples.

Being one of the most important years in the history 2012 especially became the year of the resistance for our people, against colonial attacks, within the great struggle. President Öcalan outstand the torture in Imrali Prison while the revolutionary militants raised the resistance in the dungeons. With the insurgent attitude of our people and the Kurdish politics against political genocide, the comprehensive moves carried out in 2012 by guerrillas who gained a significant level. Defying all enemy attacks on the basis of ground-based battle tactics, were strong achievements.

Personified by our comrades Mehmet Guyi and Roji Gevda we commemorate our worthwhile martyrs, laying down their lives for the sake of creating the achievements of this great struggle and devoting their self to the Kurdish people without hesitation. We reaffirm our promise that we will hold the flag they left us and continue our fight strengthen with victory.

By actualizing a revolutionary outflow on 19th July, our people in Western Kurdistan have opened a new historical page. With the revolutionary outflow, realized in this part of country, important gains have been achieved. Therefore the process of a significant freedom and process of establishing its own system has been started. The Kurds live in the other parts of Kurdistan and abroad also continued their struggle and made important opening outs. Thereby in general, 2012 went down in history as the year of acquisition and success for the people of Kurdistan. But it was also signaling a more important process in the New Year. In 2012, significant developments have taken place both in Kurdistan and the Middle East. However, the real clarification was transferred to the next process. In this respect, it is already evident that 2013 will be the year of a great struggle and clarification.  With the support of the achievements gained in 2012, the people of Kurdistan have grabbed the opportunity to convert 2013 into a great struggle and acquisition.  

Knowing that the Roboski massacre, which has been the last link of genocide chain on Kurdish people done by the Turkish colonialism, will be an important point in the agenda of 2013, AKP government has become even more reckless in order to intimidate and oppress the Kurdish society.

The Turkish police serving for AKP have tortured all the members of a family including women and children in Amed/Diyarbakır just because they have responded the questions in Kurdish. This is the most striking reflection of AKP’s racist mentality and intolerance against Kurdish language. This insult and torture were not only made to a family from Kurdistan, it was to all the Kurdish people. On one hand AKP government glorifies a Palestinian child and invite her to Turkey just because she stood up against Israeli soldiers, on the other hand the government’s own police chastises Kurdish children, breaks their arms and torture them every day. They dastardly expose all the members of the families, whose crime is just talking in their native language, to torture. This is a clear example of the persecution carried out against the Kurdish people.

Additionally the attacks of fascist groups as well as raiding the homes and destruction the work places of Kurds in Sultandağı town linked to Afyon city is a result of flag-waving policy carried out by Erdoğan himself. In the same way, just like the example in Şakran and Tekirdağ prisons, torture and persecution continues in all dungeons. Briefly AKP’s attitude is predicated on a genocide policy targets the Kurds in dungeon, on the streets and in every area of life.

After the murder of 34 civil people in Roboskî, the AKP government adopted a brazenly approach and did not even move a muscle. Conversely the attitude of resistance exhibited by the people of Cizre since 3 days is a sample position against all attacks enforces on Kurdish people by the government.  In spite of all the attacks developed by the AKP police and seriously wounded a young man in the demonstration, patriotic people in Cizre will never be daunted.

Kurdish People entered a new year in an ambiance full of violence, persecution, discrimination and racist policy. The people of Kurdistan who resist against this persecution and reached a certain, has the required capability to turn 2013 into the year of success, on the bases of learning lessons from the past. The criterion of freedom for Kurdish people and Kurdish Freedom Movement is the freedom of President Öcalan.  Thanks to the labor and great deal of effort of patriotic Kurdish People and all comrades a great success in 2013 will be inevitable. With all this hope and faith we celebrate the new year of our people and comrades once again and we call all oppressed parts to gather, act with solidarity and resist against oppression and tyranny.