OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Info and Relations Centre Of Democratic Union Party PYD / London Office

Statement to the international public opinion : Turkish Regime Invades Sare-Kanye by Tankers and Salafist Groups

22.11.2012 – Since the beginnings of the glorious Syrian revolution, Turkish regime could interfere in the internal Syrian affairs and influence its path. When Syrian people upraised against operation and tyranny, they wanted their revolution to be peaceful by all democratic means.

Take it into account the right of self-defense in case of any attack from regime side against the peaceful popular movement. Because they have already known the brutally of the bloody regime since dozens of years. But the Syrian regime along with Turkish regime has armed some groups to take out the Syrian revolution from its right way and to arm it as much as possible. So we could see the result of both bloody regimes actions (daily hundreds of victims).

Regarding to the Syrian Kurds, Turkish regime, its supporters and their propaganda tried by all means to take the revolution in Kurdish areas away from its peaceful path, but they did not succeed. Because Kurdish people could manage/defend themselves when they were assaulted by the regime, then they could take all the control of their areas and almost Kurdish cities and town where managed by people through forming the local councils from all existed Syrian components but this was the opposite of what Turkish regime wants. So they started to conspire against Kurdish people in collaboration with some chauvinism and salafi forces, they started implementing its malignant plant in targeting Kurdish people. We got some leaked documents that mention some conspiracy items. The plan is to intervene in Kurdish areas by agent force related to Turkish regime such as Salafist/Gihadi force along with few Kurds who linked their livelihood with betrayal in order to displace Kurdish people from their regions in Western Kurdistan to the south and north leaving Kurdish people without protection and resistance and keep some of them who could accept to be managed by such forces.

The Fascist regime began applying its project from Efrin and Aleppo, but it failed, since the eighth of this month they pushed a lot of Salafist and Jihadist who were armed by them and mobilized to different places through their lands in Turkey to Sare-Kanye region in Syria in order to distribute all these forces from there to all Kurdish areas. Taking into consideration that Kurdish areas are getting managed by its own people and there is no any existence for regime forces in these areas. While hotbeds of the fascist regime in Sare-Kanye City where totally isolated and could not intervene in people affairs who already formed their local boards and were managing their own affairs by themselves.

Popular organizations including councils and committees tried a lot to negotiate with the invaders and with the brothers from Arabs in order to form a council or joint committees between all community components. But these forces that consists of so-called Sham strangers and Victory Forehead refused any agreement and started with killing the head of the local board/council and one of his companions treacherously, this event which caused people protection units (YPG) to intervene and block those offenders. Two days lasted fight caused dozens of victims from both sides. After the intervention of local community elders/figures from various affiliations, fight was stopped while the negotiation was still going on to solve the issue. But everybody was shocked by intervention of seven tanks and armored vehicles from Turkish border side and started bombarding Kurdish villages and areas randomly in order to terrorize/ displace citizens. This action prompts People Protection Units (YPG) to stop this attack once more. The migration of locals still going on, because of their fear of the Turkish regime and its agents who are practicing, looting and brutally killing.

We ,as Democratic Union Party (PYD), condemn this blatant bloody interference in Syrian people affairs in general and Kurdish people in particular either by Salafist groups or by Turkish regime itself and we are calling our people to adhere to their land, their homeland and defend the sanctities. And to not displace out of their regions/villages at whatever cost, we also call on all democratic forces all over the world to stop the arrogance of the fascist Turkish regime whose hands are stained with Syrian bloods since the beginning of this revolution.