To Our People and Public Opinion PRESIDENCY OF KCK EXECUTIVE COUNCIL  (KCK Info)

It is known that the state is having talks with our leader. As a result of these discussions it is known by the public that our leader has sent letters to be delivered to the management of our movement. But the remarkable point is that, especially when the BDP deputies visited our leader and he wrote a letter to our movement, the AKP is focused on the development in military attacks. On one hand, while there are continuous operations in the North, on the other the Media Freedom Areas, South Kurdistan is bombed by Turkish warplanes almost every day, uninterrupted.

We state clearly to the government, to our people and to the public opinion in favor of a solution that the AKP is in a dangerous game. Erdogan says that “If necessary I drink the juice of poison hemlock for a solution.” This statement has nothing to do with sincerity, the will of the solution and consistence as it is clearly seen in the ceaseless air attacks. Our people and the public opinion should definitely see the AKP`s reality of many-sided face.

If the AKP’s plan is to supposedly make us a step forward by keeping us under bombardment, let us state that this would never be possible. It was evident in all areas and at all levels that in the forty years of its struggle, PKK has not bowed to any attacks. War also has a moral, that is, there is something called morality of war. In recent years there are the most severe operations and air strikes, is this how Erdogan drinks the juice of hemlock poison? On daily basis they say ‘they should pull their forces, go here and there’ on the Media outlets. This is not the style or mentality of the solution. These messages of as if the PKK is going to proceed in the conditions of submission is giving to the public, will not serve the solution but only serve to deepen the problem and further aggravation of the war.

We ask those who want a solution and peace, under the circumstances in which operations performed with heavy air strikes, don`t we, as the movement and the people have no right to defend ourselves and attack!

Therefore, we state the following: First of all, AKP should be sincere and consistent with the public. It should be noted that as the attacks continue we as the movement and people will defend ourselves. Otherwise, it is obvious that there will no progress in the name of solution.