Öcalan’s new party ? – Sırrı Önder speaks about HDP

24 October 2013 / ANF – Sırrı Süreyya Önder  – a BDP MP from Istanbul – sat down with reporters from DİHA in order to talk about the newly formed HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party), its goals, and his reasons for joining. Önder, along with four other MPs from the BDP, will officially join the HPD during the upcoming party conference.

The HDP and the BDP will run in an alliance, with the former running candidates in the West of the country and the latter running candidates in Kurdish regions. Önder, who sat down for the interview following his last meeting with the BDP group of MPs, explained among other things why he made the decision to change parties. One the main reasons, he said, was the insistence of Abdullah Öcalan: “Every since we have been meeting with Mr. Öcalan he has always underlined this insistently. Because he was strongly emphasizing the fact that we had taken the enthusiasm of resistance from them [the established opposition].

http://en.firatnews.com/news/features/sirri-onder-speaks-about-hdp.htm  http://en.firatnews.com/news/features/sirri-onder-speaks-about-hdp.htm