Öcalan: The first phase of the resolution process ended on 15 October


On year full of ethical appreciations in non-conflict environment?

ANF – ISTANBUL 21.10.2013  – Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan’s brother Mehmet Öcalan, Şeyhmus Poyraz’s sister Felek Cızlamaz and Cumali Karsu’s brother Mehmet Hanifi Karsu have returned from İmralı prison where they have visited their relatives today.

Answering reporters’ questions after the visit, Mehmet Öcalan said the Kurdish leader stated that the first phase of the democratic resolution process ended on 15 October. Asked about the Kurdish leader’s thoughts about the course of the negotiation process, Mehmet Öcalan said that the Kurdish leader expressed his appreciation for the non-conflict environment maintained for one year now. “It would be more ethical to ask the fate of the process to those leading it”, Öcalan added.