Ocalan is codifying plans for second round of people talks: deputy

KURDPRESS  – 12.6.2013 – The Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Deputy Pervin Buldan said the jailed leader of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is considering and codifying his plans for the second round of peace talks with Ankara government.

“Our visit to Imrali lasted for more than three hours, we asked Ocalan to reveal to us his plans for the situation of the talks but he said he needs 15 days to codify them,” Buldan quoted Ocalan as saying. She added the jailed leader of PKK said the second rounds of the talks would focus on modifying the constitution and paving ways for the political activities of the Kurds. The Kurdish deputy added, the jailed leader is considering the political development and has stressed on the importance of the upcoming Diyarbakir and Erbil conferences and “asked us to discuss the subjects of the conferences in detail.”