Öcalan: Dialogue process should advance in a new format -FLASH

ANF – ISTANBUL 16.09.2013 – Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş and group parliamentary deputy chair Pervin Buldan have released a statement after returning from İmralı island where they have visited Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan on Sunday.

According to the statement of the BDP, Öcalan said the dialogue process which began one year ago should advance in a new and more purposeful format, be intensified and evolve to negotiations.

Öcalan who said he had already conveyed his proposals to the Turkish state and Kandil (referring to the executives of the Kurdish Movement, KCK) about the means and possibilities required for purposeful negotiations. “It is important for the advancement of the process that the government provide the necessary opportunities and means for profound negotiations. Considering the fact that only these steps will pave the way for a solution, I hope the government handles the matter more seriously”, the Kurdish leader was quoted as saying. Öcalan also said he attached importance to the continuation of the mutual ceasefire, adding that; “We all are aware of the fact that this is a significant process we are going through, also of the fact that it will be continuing in a difficult and challenging way. Should we manage to overcome the difficulties in line with my proposals and thoughts, we will be able to move on with more profound negotiations in a new format”. The BDP delegation is expected to make a more detailed statement on the meeting later.