Öcalan: Democratic solution process entered the second phase

ANF – ANKARA 25.06.2013 – Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan held his seventh meeting with a delegation of the BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) on Monday. Co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş and parliamentary group deputy chair Pervin Buldan took part in yesterday’s delegation meeting the Kurdish leader.

BDP headquarters announced the message Öcalan conveyed to the public in a written statement released on Tuesday. According to the statement, Öcalan said the followings;

“First of all, I extend my greetings and loves to everyone. The democratic solution process we are involved in is continuing.

We have entered the second phase by now. I have conveyed to the Turkish state our proposals about how the second phase will progress. I personally side with the transparent progress of the solution process. I hope the Turkish state evaluates our proposals properly and reaches correct results.

The Kurdish issue is a hundred year old matter that has reasons grounding on historical and concrete facts. This is how everyone should approach towards the process.

The proposals we presented are the consequences of a work that represents the peoples in Turkey, probably 90 percent of them. Despite the hindrances constituted by some powers, I am determined to go ahead with the process and I believe we will succeed. Should I have the opportunity, I would like to inform the public opinion every week about the progress of the process.

Debates on the second phase have already begun by now. I hope all those siding with democracy, solution and peace will provide a contribution to these debates and in this respect I once again extend my greetings and loves to everyone”.