Observers’ report criticises KRG election irregularities

21.10-2013 – Kurdistan Tribune -International observers have criticised the conduct of the Kurdistan Region’s parliamentary elections which took place on September 21st. In an extensive report to the United Nations, EU parliament, Swedish government and parliament, as well to as the Iraq government and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the Swedish Green Party observers describe widespread irregularities and shortcomings during the process.

The report sets out a list of positive points about the elections on page 2. However, it details shortcomings on pages 3, 4, and 5. It also obliquely criticises the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP): “Through unethical means one of the main political parties in the region endeavors to control the minority seats”. This is believed to refer to reports that groups of KDP members were instructed to vote for minority parties in order to help them secure seats (minority parties can win seats with fewer votes than the minimum required for other parties). It is argued that the KDP did this to secure the additional votes in parliament of 11 minority party MPs,

The report concludes with a summary on pages 11 and 12.  Download the Swedish Green Party report (in Kurdish)