Notes Ashrafiya / West Kurdistan

Clashes took place, between fighters from the Kurdish People protection committees and regime forces, in the Ashrafiya neighborhood, at midnight. 5 fighters from the Kurdish People protection committees and 2 unidentified civilians were killed during clashes around the Police department in the Ashrafiya neighbourhood, Sunday night.  Hasakah province: 14 members of the Syrian security services were killed by the 2 al-Nusra Front suicide car bombs, targeting the military and state security branches of al-Shadada city. The number of dead is likely to rise because of the large number of badly injured. Clashes are ongoing in the city. The residents of al-Shadada have been fleeing the city in panic, particularly those who live in the oilfield workers accommodation.  Aleppo province: In Aleppo city there have been continuing clashes between members of the Kurdish Defence Units (YPG) and regime forces, including the national defence army (pro-regime militia) since dawn, clashes broke out in the area last friday. So far 7 YPG fighters, 5 civilians and 19 regime forces have been killed.

 The bodies of the 5 YPG-members that martyred in Eşrefiyeh during clashes with Assad-forces were found with clear evidence of severe torture and inhumane conduct. Their arms had been broken and cigarette burns were found all over their bodies. 3 of them had been shot in the head.

 Syrian regime forces attack civilians in Eşrefiyeh, Heleb (Aleppo) as fighting with the YPG enters its 3rd day. YPG-members Munzur Yusif and Welat Isa have martyred in Eşrefiyeh while protecting civilians from attacks by the Syrian regime on the Kurdish neighborhood.