Washington is against Salih Muslim’s participation in Geneva II

11-1-2014 – KURDPRESS – The US representative to the Syria crisis stated his country is against the participation of the leader of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) Leader Salih Muslim in the upcoming Geneva II conference that is due to find a solution to the crisis in the war –torn country.

The report comes at a time that crisis has hit the opposition body of the country after 41 members resigned from the body iun protest to the reelection of its leader Ahmad Asi al-Jarba. “There is not agreement over the situation of the Kurds in the conference. It is not clear whether the Kurds attend in the conference independently or under the opposition body,” Turkey representative of the Syria Kurds Patriotic Council, a Kurdish body in northern Syria, Behzad Ibrahim told Kurdpress on phone. Ahmad Sulayman, the spokesman of the Syria Kurds Council, main body of the country’s Kurds, stated the White House is against the participation of Muslim in the conference and “his name has bee deleted from the list of the guests as far as I know.” He added the Kurdish leader is, however, meeting the world leaders to convince them that he should attend in the conference, the spokesman added.