BDP Deputy Ms. Sebahat Tuncel is under the risk of imprisonment.

Because of different juridical processes which are based on her public declarations for the resolution of the Kurdish Question, recently she is under the risk of losing her parliamentary immunity.

On 18th September 2012, she has been condemned to 8 years imprisonment with a ban on leaving the country by the Istanbul High Criminal Court. In case of the confirmation of this decision by the High Court of Appeal, a demand for abolishment of her parliamentary immunity will be subjected to the Turkey’s Grand National Assembly. 

Sebahat Tuncel was born on 5 July 1975. She was born in Malatya and studied Cartography and Land Surveying in Mersin University and began her political career through the Women’s Branch of the Party of People’s Democracy (HADEP) in 1998. She is currently Istanbul Deputy of the Democratic Society Party (DTP), which she was a founding member. She has also worked with international organizations including United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Amnesty International. She went before trial for membership of PKK in 2006, and was subsequently imprisoned. She ran for the parliamentary elections from prison and after winning a seat in Istanbul with 93,000 votes, was released from custody in July 2007. She is the youngest woman to serve in the Turkish parliament and the first person in Turkey’s history to be elected to parliament from prison.

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