NORTH KURDISTAN (TURKEY) : Kaytan (PKK) : New phase opens door to democracy


ANF – Behdinan 05.04.2013 – Speaking to journalist Erdal Er from Nuçe Tv, Ali Haydar Kaytan, a co-founder of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), said that the solution of the Kurdish question will also open the door to democracy in Turkey. Kaytan remarked that the withdrawal of guerrilla forces from Turkish borders would be followed by their return to Kurdistan.

Kaytan pointed out that Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan has given priority to democratic politics since the 15 February conspiracy that targeted him in the year of 1999. Kaytan noted that “the 40-year-old Kurdish struggle which arose in 1973 turned into an armed struggle in 1984 for it had no other choice against the forces of the denialist and destructive system. However, Öcalan made radical changes in the way of the struggle with an intention to start a new period on the basis of idea, ideology and democratic politics”. Kaytan stated that both Öcalan and the PKK laid the ground for a peaceful and democratic solution to the Kurdish question by withdrawing from Turkish borders in this period. However- he added- the Turkish state regarded the withdrawal as a back-step. He warned that the current process should be approach correctly to avoid the kind of problems lived in that period.

Kaytan criticized the recently intensifying debates on the Alewi and Sunni discrimination among Kurds and pointed out that PKK had focused its activity in mainly Antep and Dersim, both of which have a remarkable Alewi population, at the beginning of its foundation period. PKK was at those times based on the resistance of the ethnicities and leading people of this region.

Kaytan called attention to the importance of agriculture for Kurds and remarked that PKK wouldn’t build factories in the Kurdistan territory where- he added-  people were loyal to land.