ANKARA, aswataliraq – 6.1.2013- Turkish Daily News newspaper expected that some Turkish opposition parties including Leyla Zana may visit Iraqi Kurdistan to meet Kurdistan region president Massoud Barzani as “a move to find a road map to have peaceful solution after disarming the PKK party”.

Turkey’s Pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party BDP joined the ranks in the negotiations between the Turkish government and PKK party.

Two leaders of the Peace and Democracy Party BDPmet imprisoned Turkish-Kurdish PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, with positive results, as reported by Anatolia news agency. The Turkish government wanted that the meeting will be through local or international mediators, while the PKK Party wanted direct contacts, but the main thing is that Ocalan is the center of the negotiations to disarm the PKK Party.

The Daily News said that the Turkish government and Ocalan agreed on road map depending on the withdrawal of both sides and the PKK will withdraw 2500 of its fighters from inside Turkish territories, namely inside the Iraqi Kurdish northern territories.

For these moves, the Turkish government will grant a sort of autonomous region in the Kurdish areas with their administrative independence and granting extra constitutional rights, like the study in Kurdish native-tongue. These conditions are difficult on the Turkish government, as the paper said; pointing that Erbil future meetings are “important to develop the negotiations into practical steps between the two sides”.