No solution without the right to education in Kurdish: Selahattin Demirtaş

 1.9. 2013 – Kurdistan Tribune –  Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) co-chairperson Selahattin Demirtaş condemned Turkey’s AKP government on two key issues at a press conference on Friday, reports Radikal and bianet. First, he denounced the AKP’s continued refusal to allow Kurds to be educated in Kurdish:  “The Constitution Resolution Commission took 1982 Constitution as basis for its new draft”, he said. “If it goes like this, we can no longer support it. If the education in Kurdish issue remains untouched, 99 percent of the Kurdish issue will remain unresolved.”

Demirtaş added that the BDP will toughen its stance towards the government in the absence of any concrete measures to advance the peace process. “We come from a tradition of struggle. We will use all the democratic tools we have and take effect a harsher opposition policy.” Second, whilst also condemning the Assad regime, Demirtaş accused the Turkish government of giving sanctuary to terrorists from the al Nusra Front, the al Qaeda-linked group involved in the massacre of hundreds of Kurdish women and children in Syria last month. “Turkey says it is not supporting Al Nusra Front. However, Ceylanpınar border is open to Al Nusra Front. I can even give addresses. Nine Al Nusra Front militants are refuging in an apartment there”, claimed Demirtaş. “I am a political party’s co-chairperson and I can’t even go to Ceylanpınar. Al Nusra Front gangsters are waiting with their weapons”.