“Military commanders of PJAK said that this kind of action by other Kurdish groups is the same as spying for the enemy.”

PJAK Says Komala, KDPI Uncovering its Members in Iran

10/12/2012  RUDAW –  ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The leadership of the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK) has accused other Kurdish parties of disclosing the identity and location of its supporters inside Iran.In a statement last week, PJAK’s central command demanded that Komala and the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI), “Respond and clarify their stance” regarding the disclosure of the location of many of its members. PJAK said that it considered this act as part of efforts by the Iranian regime to disrupt the group’s activities inside Iran.

“For awhile now, and inside east Kurdistan, the Iranian regime has been trying to sabotage our party through establishing and increasing counter-guerilla groups in the regions of Mukriyan and Wurme,” the statement said. PJAK, which is seen as a branch of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), has been locked in a guerrilla war against Iran’s Revolutionary Guards along the border with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Its fighters were allegedly behind the killing of senior Iranian army officers in Kurdish cities west of the country. Last week’s statement also accused Komala and the KDPI — two Kurdish opposition groups who have denounced armed struggle against Iran in recent years — of waging a war against PJAK.

“It has become clear that some groups are being used as a tool by the Iranian regime,” read the PJAK statement. “Since they are themselves not among the people of east Kurdistan, they are using the same tactics of the Iranian regime in order to sabotage our party through waging a covert war against our party,” the statement added. PJAK mentioned the head of Komala, Abdullah Muhtadi, and the KDPI by name, saying they had a hostile attitude against the group inside Iran.

“The ugliest part of this covert war is that some individuals who are incapable of struggling for their own nation and who live in some Western countries and in the Kurdistan region, have started to disclose the location of our members in east Kurdistan on social networks with the assistance of some individuals from within,” PJAK said in the statement by its military wing.

Military commanders of PJAK said that this kind of action by other Kurdish groups is the same as spying for the enemy. “What is important now is that we need to know the position of these political parties whose members and supporters are carrying out these acts, and they are required to respond,” the PJAK statement said.

In the past few years, PJAK fighters have been accused of killing some Kurdish businessmen and hindering their work of cross-border smuggling. But the PJAK leadership dismissed these reports as rumors. “We as the military command dismiss the rumors of murdering Kurdish tradesmen and announce that these murders have been committed by counter-guerilla groups of the Iranian regime,” the PJAK statement said. So far, neither Komala nor the KDPI has made any public statement in response to PJAK’s accusations.