MESOP 25.22.2012 – Call to action for a Campaign to advocate for the demands of the Handicapped Association of Kurdistan. We are the Federation of Civil Society Organizations of Sulaimani. We support the Handicapped Association of Kurdistan’s recent demands and ask that the Kurdish Regional Government listen to these demands seriously. We are calling for a national campaign to advocate for the demands of this group.

The health and the social justice of any country is seen in how they treat the poor and disadvantaged with in their communities, not in the lives of the rich, the politicians and the businessmen. However the Leaders of the KRG have abused the budget of this country to support themselves, with the excuse that they are owed this for their service to Kurdistan. The KRG’s budget is meant for the people, but has been stolen to support those in power.

It seems that the leaders of the KRG cannot imagine that the handicapped and those in need have a right to ask for a better life, to have a good salary, a suitable place to live, and a good health sector to care for them when needed.  Those in power in the KRG still think of the Handicapped as second-class citizens, and this is why the Handicapped Association of Kurdistan is asking for the rights of all handicapped people through the method of the current Hunger strike.

In the past we have all supported the hunger strikes in the north and we are hoping this Hunger strike of handicapped citizens is not ignored but supported by all levels of Kurdish society. We are asking all organizations to work together to create a support campaign, adding our voices to those who are handicapped, asking for an answer to their demands. We are calling on all who whish to support us and our campaign in solidarity with the Handicapped Association of Kurdistan to email us at this addressee…  

The Federation of Civil Society Organizations, November 22nd 2012

Falah Moradkhin  –  Iraq project coordinator -WADI Organization – /