PEACE AND DEMOCRACY PARTY Foreign Affairs Department / 29 January 2013

Dear Friends,

The national feast of the Kurdish People, Newroz will be celebrated in Kurdistan cities in third week of the March 2013 as always. The celebration will be organized by Peace and Democracy Party (Barış ve Demokrasi Partisi or BDP) and extended over a week between the March 18th and 24th.

Millions of Kurds will gather to express their ideas and political will in the squares in Kurdistan and Turkey. The people’s representatives will make their speeches and cry out the people’s demands to the international public opinion.

The message of the Newroz celebrations in 2013 will be focusing on resumed talks between the Turkish authorities and Mr. Ocalan that is aiming a negotiated settlement to the ongoing conflict and a peaceful solution to the Kurdish Issue. It is clear that, the Middle East and Turkey are in a transition. This process is an opportunity for providing democracy and peace in the region. Especially Kurdish People who lives in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey is still resisting against totalitarian regimes. The situation in Syria in particular highlights the importance of Kurdish People in the region.

The Newroz celebration in 2013 will therefore salute the Kurdish resistance and acquisitions in Syria as well.

Peace and Democracy Party will be honored of your participation to the Newroz Celebrations in Kurdistan between the March 18th and 24th. In case of your participation we will set a program and fix meetings as well as book a seat in the protocol tribune in order to monitor the celebration at the city(ies) in which you would like to participate the celebration. Unfortunately, because of the limited budget opportunities, your flight and accommodation will not be covered.

Gültan Kışanak, Selahattin Demirtaş – Co-Chair of the BDP Co-Chair of the BDP

For more information please contact: Brussels Representation of BDP: