NEW MEMBERS : The Latest Expansion of the Syrian Coalition

Media Note – Syrian Coalition – Istanbul, Turkey – May 31, 2013

The number of members in the Syrian Coalition has increased to 114, adding 51 new members to the already existing 63. This expansion was agreed upon after extensive meetings over several days. On Thursday evening, the Syrian Revolutionary General Commission agreed to add 43 new members to the Coalition, after the Commission had previously agreed to add 8 other members.

The expansion includes 13 new members from the Democratic List:

Bassam al-Malek Malek Asad Zakaryia Saqqal
Fayez Sahra Mohammed Dandal Samira Musalema
Munzir Iqbiq Hadi al-Bahra Michel Kilo
Jamal Suleiman Farah al-Atasi Ayman al-Aswad
Anwar Badr

3 members from the Syrian National Council:

Anis al-Abda Mohammed al-Daghim Alia Mansour

3 members from local councils:

Noura al-Amin Safwan al-Jandali Nazar al-Heraki

Several independent members, including:

Naghm al-Ghadri Yassir Salim Ahmed Aboul Kheir Shokri

The Syrian Revolutionary General Commission has also approved 14 seats for the Revolutionary Movement – one seat for each governorate. They will be nominated by members of the Coalition and voted on by a committee of six members from the Coalition. Three members of this committee will be chosen by the Chief of Staff of the Free Syrian Army. The Chief of Staff will also choose the 15 members who will represent the Free Syrian Army.