New Kurdish FSA Groups? / WATCH VIDEO !

Transnational Middle East Observer – 11.5.2013 – A new Kurdish FSA-group Jahbat al-Akrad that recently showed up. Here is the Youtube page and the Facebook group. Moreover, they have a twitter page. They are fighting in Al-Ashrafiya and Sheikh Maqsoud.

Another Kurdish FSA-group Yusuf al-Azemi – Kurdish veteran politician spoke about some Kurdish FSA groups in an interview with Orsam:

ORSAM: Which ones are the most powerful youth-led movements?

Salah Bedreddin: Foundations like Local Coordination Committees, Free Syria Army have coordinators for the youth also. Especially in the province of Hasakah, in Afrin there is a Free Kurdish Army. These are a part of the Free Syrian Army. The name of this group is Al-Assembly Military Kurdi Hur. It consists of 4 forces (divisions): Salahaddin Eyyubi, Yusuf Azmi, Kaval Hattat, Al-Bab (the Kurds and Turkmens together). All these together are an assembly. Its leader is a colonel having parted from the Syrian army. Right now the war in Syria is this

The PYD has cited some of their actions and members of the FSA-group has spoken to pro-PYD media before:

Last night (5 May) clashes erupted between the “Lîwai Cebhet El-Ekrad” and regime forces in the Kurdish neighborhood of Eşrefiyê in Heleb (Aleppo). According to Ehmed Xedûr, a commander of Lîwai Cebhet El-Ekrad, 10 regime soldiers were killed in the clashes.

Watch Video: 

PYD-Member Kidnapped On 30 April In Aleppo

Hawar News [Kurdish] claims Hemîd Silêman, a member of the People’s Council of Kurdistan was kidnapped by the Salahadin brigade (which they accuse of being affiliated to the Freedom Party) and handed over to the FSA (Khalid Hayani’s group?) on 30 April, and later released. Source in Arabic. By Transnational Middle East Observer