New hearing of journalists trial

ANF – Istanbul 28.10.2013 – The seventh hearing of the so-called “KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Press Committee case” has resumed at Istanbul 15th High Criminal Court on Monday. 46 Kurdish press workers, 20 of whom are in prison, are tried in the KCK press case. 

Speaking during the hearing, DIHA former reporter Ülkem Evrim Kepenek said that it was the journalism profession that was being tried in the KCK press case, and called on the court to either recognize or prohibit the freedom of press rather than trying journalists performing their works.

“I have never regretted making news for the Dicle News Agency and we will never give up doing our job in the face of the restrictions and sentences we face”, Kepenek underlined and reminded that their duty was to convey the news to the public, and that Kurdish journalists were facing trial for doing this. The court board adjourned the hearing to 30 October due to the official holiday on October 29 Republic Day.