New clashes erupted in Serêkaniyê – UPDATE

22 November 2012 – ANF – The attacking groups are reportedly called El Sam and El Nusra. Clashes between People’s Defense Units (YPG) forces and hundreds of paramilitary forces allegedly supported by Turkey have been reported in the West Kurdistan city of Serêkaniyê on Thursday.

The paramilitary forces have been allegedly entering the city from Turkey with tanks and military vehicles since yesterday evening and today have launched an attack today. Clashes which have reportedly expanded across the city started when YPG forces responded to the attack at around 14:00 local time.

The attacking groups are reportedly called El Sam and El Nusra and they are allegedly made up of ‘jihadist’ religious people. In a statement on the groups on Tuesday following clashes in the city, Free Syrian Army commander Riyaz Al Assed said that the groups didn’t represent the FSA movement nor acted on its behalf. The  Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported that 200 militants affiliated to the El Nusra group and 100 others affiliated to El Sam have crossed the Syrian border on Thursday. The paramilitary groups are reported to be protecting the south and western sides of the West Kurdistan city of Serêkaniyê.

According to the London-centered Observatory, hundreds of Kurdish fighters have also been transferred to the city to be deployed along the north and eastern boundaries of the city. A number of people have left the city because of recent clashes with two paramilitary groups which are allegedly supported by Turkey by allowing these allegedly ‘jihadist’ groups into the city over eastern part of the country.